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SKLZ Accu Ball

Convertible Massage Ball - Applies acute pressure to help relive soreness throughout the ...
R 299,00 R 239,00

SKLZ Mini Bands

Effective and Versatile tool that can be used anywhere For upper and lower body resistanc...
R 349,00 R 299,00

SKLZ Portable Passing Trainer

7 Ft Ultra-Portable Passing Trainer The pass targets to assist in throwing accuracy
R 2 999,00 R 2 499,00

SKLZ Powerbase Tennis

Multi Skill Solo Trainer - Perfect trainer for practising your strokes - Build quickness...
R 449,00 R 329,00

SKLZ Quick Ladder

15 Feet. Improves acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction
R 599,00 R 478,00

SKLZ Reaction Ball

Multi Sport Agility Trainer - Six sided high bounce rubber design causes the ball to leap...
R 149,00 R 119,00

SKLZ Reaction Belts

Partnered Break-Away Trainer -Develop evasive offensive skills Includes 2 belts, 3 sets ...
R 549,00 R 438,00

SKLZ Speed Hurdles

Adjustable Height Hurdles 5 pack
R 799,00 R 665,00