Slazenger V800 G1+ Cricket Bat

The V800 mid-blade profile and impressive swell combine with thick edges and a sharp spine to deliver explosive power for batsman, creating the perfect all rounder bat.
R 7 850,00


  • The bats light balanced pick up gives the batsman the confidence and genuine power to perform in any arena against any attack.

  • PLAYER TYPE:  Dominating Stroke Player Developed for players who demand a power bat with excellent playability.

  • CONSTRUCTION: English Willow Quality hand selected English Willow expertly hand-crafted by our master bat makers.

  • PROFILE: Low Blade An imposing low profile bat with a super sized driving zone and sharp spine designed to provide effortless power and control over your shots.

  • HANDLE:  Semi-Oval 12 Piece Cane (thin) Specially selected cane delivers an optimal combination of power, control and flexibility.

  • EDGE:  Contoured Edge Profile Wood crafted towards the middle and edges delivers an extended sweet spot.

  • BOW:  Standard A subtly bowed blade generates a perfectly balanced pick up to deliver increased power and control.

  • TOE:  Square A pro player inspired square toe ensures a great stance position which works to achieve more power and greater control.

  • FACE: Flat/Rounded The perfect combination of durability and power; edges are hand rounded for better performance.

  • GRIP: Hybrid Combines two different textures of grip to deliver exceptional grip for both the top and bottom hand.

  • FINISH: Pre Knocked In & IPS Toe Guard All models are pre knocked in with selected models featuring the Slazenger IPS Toe Guard.

  • WEIGHT: 2lb 8oz - 2lb 12oz

  • Carefully hand-crafted blade with sharp spine helps concentrate weight within the sweet spot.

  • Size: SH