NEW ULTRA 100 Unstrung

The Ultra range has been updated for 2017, to include Countervail technology in key frames, for improved performance. The Wilson Ultra is designed to provide power alongside efficient performance, while the Countervail technology maximizes player energy. It reduces muscle fatigue and recovery time as you spend less energy on every swing. Most impressively, the technology - also used by NASA to maximize energy during flight – does not affect the feel, flex and control brought by the braided graphite and basalt in the frame.

Please select the Grip Size of the Racquet.

R 2 999,00


300g (Unstrung)





String pattern

16 x 19


320mm (Unstrung)

Grip Sizes

1 - 4

Beam Width

23 - 26 - 22.5 DTB


The Wilson Ultra 100L and Wilson Ultra 100UL are two maneuverable, lightweight options ideal for juniors and smaller adults.
New technologies in the 2017 Wilson Ultra line include Power Rib™ and Crush Zone™, both of which have been integrated to provide the player with greater power:

  • Power Rib is an enhanced racket throat geometry at a crucial bending and twisting area of the
    frame. This provides greater stability and stiffness that result in more power and increased
    directional accuracy.
  • Crush Zone is an innovative grommet system that compresses at impact and increases ball dwell
    time on the strings. The benefit of this technology is better feel and more potential energy that
    drives explosive power.