Exciting Dampeners

We have imported these especially for the young and upcoming players who need a bit of distinction from the pack

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16 Smiley Dampeners

All 16 in the collection
R 240,00

Angry Birds 6 pack

Six Angry Bird Dampeners
R 110,00

Djoko and Serve Combi

ONE Nole and ONE My Serve your Serve Combi
R 45,00

Minion Dampners ( 6 Pack)

A selection of 6 Dampeners from the Minion Range
R 110,00

Rafa and Ladybird Combination

ONE Rafa and ONE Babolat Ladybird
R 45,00

RF and Serve Combi

One RF and ONE Your Serve My Serve Combination
R 45,00

Smiley Collection #1

4 Smiley Face Dampeners
R 75,00

Smiley Collection #4

4 Smiley Dampeners
R 75,00